About Us

Here at Get Floored By Mark Henning, we specialize in all sorts of various flooring related services, so that you can always get exactly what you need. We of course specialize in hardwood floor installation, hardwood sanding and hardwood refinishing. We also do laminate installation, tile installation and vinyl installation, because different clients are going to want different services for different rooms. We specialize in all of these different flooring services, so that we can accurately complete a variety of different flooring projects with relative ease, maximum precision and top class workmanship. You won't find a better flooring service around, your best bet when you need a flooring company is to Get Floored!

Our prices are always competitive and affordable, because we know that everyone has a budget, and we are always striving to be the most budget friendly service in the business. Our staff members adhere to a much higher standard of customer service than your average flooring contractor, because those high standards are part of what sets us apart from every other flooring company. All in all, Get Floored By Mark Henning is simply the best of the best.

Call us today, and see what Get Floored By Mark Henning can do for you!